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Dear Fruit Farmer!

Everyone asks themselves a question what an orchard to plant, which means what varieties to choose and on what rootstock. The decision on planting an orchard is made for the years to come when it is difficult to predict what market demand for fruit will be.

We would like to pay your attention to several crucial factors to be analysed when taking so important decisions:

  1. Fruit market situation. Poland has been producing more fruit than demanded by the domestic market for a long time now. UE also produces more fruit than its internal demand. Thus, only fruit with good quality can be sold. On both the domestic and world market the one who proposes the comparably good fruit but at lower price will stand the competition.
  2. Fruit production costs – are affected by the following factors:
  • volume of crops. The costs of running 1 hectare of orchard are almost the same regardless of whether the crop is 10 T or 40 T With similar expenses, the production costs per 1 kg of fruit are completely different then.
  • prices of means of production. Unfortunately, the fruit farmer has low influence on this factor. At present, the most serious costs incurred by the fruit farmer are for plant protection. It may represent approx. 75% of total incurred expenses. The costs of protection per 1 ha of orchard are similar, regardless whether 1000 or 3000 trees per hectare are planted and regardless whether the crop is 10 T/ha or 30 T/ha.
  • labour outlays for cutting and forming. These costs may vary and depend on how the orchard is run. Not always high labour outlays are effective. In many cases, the moment of making the treatments is of decisive importance.
  1. Orchard planting density. It mainly depends on the skills at running an orchard. Remember that:
  • outlays for running an orchard per 1 hectare are almost the same regardless of whether 1000 or 3000 trees are planted. However, denser planting results in higher crop per hectare more quickly, and thus faster cost return. Everybody must analyse by themselves what is more profitable for them.

When taking a decision what an orchard to plant, that is when selecting:

  • rootstock,
  • variety,
  • planting density

Remember that you plant your orchard to gather fruit, not to produce wood.